Anon Notes Similar Case in Central City, Kentucky

Many thanks to the Anon who wrote in with this contribution:

So much of this case sounds familiar to another case that happened only an

hour from Reed, Kentucky in 1987. In short, the victim witnessed police

corruption (dealing drugs) and threatened to expose them. They killed her

to keep her quiet, and then covered up the crime by being their own

investigator. They were not convicted until 20 years later.

Could some of the same players be involved? Especially those mentioned in

the KSP? Maybe speaking to those convicted of this crime could get you some

information? I bet you anything they are at least aware of this and maybe

heard some rumors.

Here is a newspaper article listing the major players. There is also an

episode of “Unusual Suspects” that covers this case. The episode is called

“Brute Force” and gives a great overview of the nuances. It may give you

some insight into the Teague disappearance as well.

Full link to the story here: