The beginning of the end: is FBI SAC James N. Hendricks involved in the disappearance of Heather Teague?

The following is the opinion of the site author, and not necessarily that of Sarah Teague or the Teague family.

The more I research the Heather Teague disappearance, the more the line blurs between the good guys and the bad. Did FBI agents James Hendricks and Jerry L. Garner premeditate giving a false narrative to a grieving mother of a young missing woman? If so, these falsehoods must be exposed and examined for motive.

On February 18th 2009, FBI agents Jerry Garner and James Hendricks made a special visit to Sarah Teague’s home in Madisonville, Kentucky. James Hendricks was employed by the Henderson police as a beat officer at the time Heather Teague went missing. The purpose of Hendricks’ and Garner’s visit to the Teague home was twofold: to persuade Sarah that rumors she had heard of a relationship between her daughter and James Hendricks were false, and to persuade Sarah to accept there was no connection between her daughter’s disappearance and government corruption.

Let’s examine some of the statements James Hendricks and Jerry Garner made to Sarah Teague that day:

I don’t have to point out how unlikely it is a police officer drove away from a young woman, leaving her alone in her car underneath a boat ramp at 2 or 3 in the morning, especially after lecturing her about the dangers of being out there alone.

Did James Hendricks and Jerry Garner really believe Sarah Teague would never find out just how suspect their statements would be? It took time, but Sarah Teague believes in Biblical reckoning: “…for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.” That reckoning is one day closer: examine these recent statements made to Sarah Teague by someone who knew her daughter personally:

Remember what James Hendricks said when questioned by Sarah Teague if he knew Heather before: “No. It just stood out to me, you know, a young girl, in a car, and the name just stood out to me. And then about three weeks later is when it hit me: I realized that was the Heather I had encountered.”

Remember what James Hendricks said when Sarah Teague stated there were indications Heather was working with the police: “I had no knowledge of that.”

Remember what Jerry Garner said about government corruption: “I want you to know as I sit here today I am not aware of any kind of conspiracy or corruption on the part of a government official or person carrying a badge.”

Back in October of 2018 I posted an entry entitled “The Man at the Birthday Party.” Here is an excerpt:

photo falls under Fair Use
photo falls under Fair Use

What a strong coincidence the statements made by Heather’s acquaintance in 2018 dovetail with this FBI report from 2005: a bald, stocky, older male tried to get Heather’s friends to sell drugs for him. I’m not saying the man at the birthday party is indeed former Henderson police officer and current FBI special agent in charge James Hendricks. I’m saying the FBI, KSP and Henderson police are stupid or corrupt if they don’t look into the possibility.

It’s my opinion not only did the Federal Bureau of Investigations not investigate that which they should have investigated, I believe they actively practiced to deceive Sarah Teague about the facts of the case. I believe James Hendricks, current special agent in charge of New York’s Albany field office, especially has some explaining to do.


Coming soon: Heather Teague’s disappearance tied to Paul Lloyd Michael D. Herron(?) drug case