The FBI employed a sexual predator for years. Was it James N. Hendricks?

If it weren’t for people like our anonymous tipster who wrote to us a few days ago, evil would continue to go unchecked, with no hope for justice for the victims. Tips like these are too important to leave buried in a comment section. These are questions the FBI must be accountable for answering.

Our tipster writes:

“Check the FBI Albany website. Hendricks is gone as SAC. Check the article with the link above – DOJ OIG found an unnamed FBI SAC sexually harassed 8 women in the FBI.”


“Ask the FBI what James Hendricks’ status is. And check the DOJ OIG reports for information about a recent FBI SAC investigation.”

The tipster links to two news articles:

Unit chief latest in a series of top FBI officials embroiled in sexual misconduct

and the following article from The Washington Times by Jeff Mordock:

Both the above articles reference the Investigative Summary below posted on on May 21, 2020:

The OIG report states, “the SAC sexually harassed six subordinate employees while serving as the SAC and two subordinate employees while serving in a previous position as a section chief at FBI headquarters.”

According to the website, James Hendricks was a “supervisory special agent in the International Investigative Support Unit of the Cyber Division at FBI Headquarters, and later transferred to the newly created Executive Staff Unit, where he provided support to the assistant director of the Cyber Division.” He would also later become Special Agent in Chief at the New York Albany field office. Could James Hendricks be this unnamed serial harasser?

Not only did this unnamed monster sexually harass multiple employees over who knows how many years, and I feel there are more victims fearful to come forward, he created a hostile work environment and then lied to investigators about all of it! (Come on, you jerks at the DOJ- “lacked candor?” What an insult to the victims and the public’s intelligence. Pathetic.)

Weep for these women whose justice consisted of a one page, investigative summary by our Department of Justice. An investigation that protected the predator and kept the victims faceless.

The FBI and The Department of Justice must disclose if James N. Hendricks is the sexual predator mentioned in this report. If they don’t disclose who this sexual predator is, the public will know where the DOJ’s and FBI’s sole interest lies: covering up their miserable failure at identifying and eradicating evil within their ranks. Evil that’s destroying lives, families, communities and our country.

People like our anonymous tipster will be responsible for bringing peace back to our communities. How can we help them hold the FBI and Department of Justice accountable for this blatant perversion of justice?


Note the file name of the OIG report in the browser tab: “Microsoft Word- Hendricks Investigative Summary

Hendricks Investigative Summary

Yes, you read that right. It sure looks like the Department of Justice doxxed THEMSELVES.