Stay Anon

Understandably, remaining anonymous will be of utmost concern to many people. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Call Sarah Teague, Heather’s mother, directly. To block the caller I.D. of the number you are calling from, simply press *67. (Also known as ‘star 67.’) Sarah’s cell phone number is 270-836-7643.
  2. Or, using a public internet connection (go to the library or coffee shop) you can:
  3. …create an anonymous email account to email the administrator of this site ( using an alternative identity, or,
  4. …post a comment on this site anonymously with an alternative identity. You do not need to register or have an email to post on this site. Your comment will be viewed privately by the site administrator before being published; if you do not wish the comment to be published it is important that you note so within the comment.