Case Study- Pt 1: The beach

*A 22-year veteran researcher of the Heather Teague case has volunteered to share his findings with the community. The following submission is his first segment on this extensive research.

This is a compilation of what we know about the abduction of Heather Danyelle Teague on 8/26/95, and the evidence that it was a coverup by Kentucky State and KSP Post 16, Henderson, KY.

On August 26, 1995, 23-year-old Heather Danyelle Teague was sunbathing on Newburgh Beach, the five mile stretch of sand along the Kentucky side of the Ohio River across from Newburgh, IN. Tim Walthall was looking through his 25X telescope from his home in Newburgh, a half mile away across the river, when he saw a man with dark brown, shaggy hair come running out of the trees. The man sneaked up to Heather and pulled her head up by her long hair, showing her what looked like a shiny gun. She stood up and covered herself with a towel. Then he marched her into the woods.

Records show Mr. Walthall called Indiana State Police at 1:15 PM. Then he called Kentucky State Police, telling dispatcher Davis that it had been 25 minutes and they still haven’t come back, and her stuff was still there.  

When the call came over James “Jim Boy” Allen’s scanner, he and his daughter had just gotten back home, in nearby Reed, KY. They had been searching the river roads for the vehicle that damaged farmer, Morris Galloway’s, corn crop the night before. Mr. Allen was paid to find the culprit’s vehicle and videotape it, which might still have corn stalks stuck under its chassis.

By coincidence, Mr. Allen had videotaped Heather Teague sitting in her red Nissan, parked on River Road, just downstream from Newburgh dam, preparing to head to the beach. Notably, Allen said that after passing Heather’s car, he “left the camera running as he traveled another 100yds. farther and taped a red and white Ford Bronco.” He recalled the driver was tapping his fingers on the wheel like he wanted them to hurry on by. In his daughter’s interview with FBI, she described the driver as a white male, approximately 25 to 30 years of age, with a goatee, full beard, and shaggy hair. The Bronco was later identified as one driven by Marvin “Marty” Dill.

Five days later, Marty Dill died at home of a reported, self-inflicted gunshot wound, after police arrived at his home with a search warrant.

So, we have a man who fits the description, whose vehicle is videotaped at the scene, who then shoots himself. It would be hard to imagine KSP had the wrong man. But once you understand all the contradictions, you can only conclude that this is a coverup, and even “obstruction of justice by Kentucky State Police, and Post 16, Henderson, KY.”

Future segments will take each issue and explain, and prove, what the actual truth is, vs the official explanation, from the perspective of 22 years of researching this 26-year-old case. Comments are encouraged. This could be the year the truth finally comes out. 

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