Case Study- Part 4a: The Witnesses

*A 22-year veteran researcher of the Heather Teague case has volunteered to share his findings with the community. This is the fourth segment of this extensive research.

There have been many witness who have come forward over the past 26.5 years. Below are the accounts of two eyewitnesses to the abduction of Heather Danyelle Teague on August 26, 1995:

Three guys were camping at Newburgh Beach just west of where Heather was lying on her lounge chair. Years later, one came to Sarah’s home and told her what they had witnessed that day. He said he wanted to remain anonymous, but she secretly recorded him. He said he recognized Heather from having seen her at parties, and he witnessed her abduction. He thought it was just an argument with a boyfriend. He said he even went to confront the man, but he pointed a gun at him, and he could see from his face that he was willing to use it. So he backed down from the fight. He described him as a muscular guy with long, greasy hair, not a bald man with a mosquito netting over his face. He said his hands were dirty, like a shade tree mechanic. He watched him take her away through the woods toward River Road. He said the woods blocked his view, but he thought she was taken away in a small silver car, followed by the Bronco. (I’m told he is colorblind, so he may have seen the same red Chevette others described.) He noted they must have gone to the end of River Road, where it meets the mouth of the Green River, and back, because that’s about how long they were gone; it’s about five miles one way. Traveling under 25 mph on the dusty gravel road, the round trip might have taken 30 minutes. He said when they came back, the Bronco was still with them.

He admitted he was a mule for the drug business back in those days, and the ones he worked for warned him not to talk. They made him afraid for his family. They insinuated Heather was taken because a large amount of money didn’t make it to where it was supposed to go.

Another witness was Betty Cannon, now deceased. She and her husband Bill, also deceased, camped every weekend at the Ohio River on the west side of the Green River. Betty’s ex-husband, Junior Stone, had worked in the Henderson codes inspector’s office with Marvin Sonny Dill. Betty herself used to have her hair done every Friday at Ernest Green’s wife’s beauty shop. She knew Heather because she had a relationship with one of her three sons, Gary Stone (now deceased.) She had run into Heather at the grocery and learned she was at odds with both her parents, and had no place to stay.  So, that Saturday Betty and Bill went to find Heather at Newburgh Beach to tell her she could stay with them if she needed a place to stay. She told her brother, Bob Thompson (deceased) she witnessed Heather’s abduction. She said the man held Heather by her hair and forced her into a small car by pushing her in the driver’s door, across the console and into the passenger seat, then driving off with his left hand. That’s the kind of detail you might only get from an actual witness. She said it frightened her so badly, they never camped at the river again. According to her brother Bob, they spent every weekend from then on at his house playing cards. She told Bob she heard Heather was put in a barrel and dumped in the Ohio River within hours of her abduction.

Betty would not tell Bob anything else about it.


When KSP Post 16, Captain Shoultz spoke to this eyewitness about what he said on the recording, he denied that it was his voice — never mind that there were three other people in the room who could have corroborated it. And police knew that he had been at the beach because he said two rookie cops questioned him. He also said that a private investigator named Owens interviewed him 3-4 times and kept following him around. Then after that, he was warned not to talk about what he saw. KSP apparently didn’t get anything out of the other two friends he was camping with, either. Here we have three eye witnesses that can say for certain that the man who took Heather Teague was or wasn’t Marty Dill. If he was bald and wearing a disguise, he might be Marty. But if he had his own hair like this witness said on this tape, then it exonerates Marty Dill. That’s important enough to get right — if you really have any intention of solving the case.   

Furthermore, nothing seems to have been done about the second eyewitness account, despite the fact that Betty Stone Cannon had her hair done at Henderson PD ex-Major Ernest Green’s wife’s beauty parlor every Friday, and that her ex-husband worked in Marvin Dill Sr.’s Henderson Codes Administration office one day a week.

Is KSP protecting the investigation — or are they protecting it from investigation? 

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