A 911 Call Made by Tim Walthall

Sarah Teague, her family and attorney have heard two different 911 calls made by Tim Walthall, the alleged witness to Heather Teague’s abduction. This has been an understandable source of frustration for the family.

The second 911 call that the family was given access to is not the same call they heard years earlier. Why?

Studying the second call, it almost seems possible Walthall is a law enforcement officer, and may have been at the scene of the abduction, and not across the river as he stated.

When the KSP dispatcher asks Walthall to describe the kidnapping victim, Walthall automatically describes her as Caucasian, not “white.” ‘Caucasian’ is an unusual word for an average citizen to use, especially in a stressful situation, but it is familiar jargon for a law enforcement officer, and appropriate to use when speaking with other LEOs.

This same 911 call may provide huge clues about Walthall’s actual whereabouts when the call was made. Five times Walthall seems to slip up, indicating he may actually be at the scene of the abduction.

First he says, “I was sitting at the dinner table, got through eating dinner, and I got a telescope, I live there on the river…”

If Walthall was making the call from his home on the river in Indiana, it would seem more logical to say, “I live here on the river.” Instead, he seems to indicate home is in a different location than where he is during the call.

To continue, Walthall tells the dispatcher“…and there was a girl on the left hand side of the trees down here…”

And then later says again, saying, “Yeah, and all her stuff’s still here, it’s been 20 minutes ago and she ain’t come back yet…”

Then again: “And she grabbed a towel and he, he walked her up in the trees up on the riverbank over here…”

This series of statements clearly indicate Walthall may not be across the river as stated, and he may actually be at the scene of Heather’s abduction. If he were far away, across the river, having to use a telescope to view the scene- wouldn’t he have said, “all her stuff’s still there” and “the trees down there” and “the river bank over there”? Wouldn’t that indicate he was viewing a location in the distance? But he doesn’t. He seems to unwittingly describe himself more than once as being in the same place the abduction occurred: “the riverbank over here”…”the trees down here”…”her stuff is still here.” Hopefully we can get more clarification on that.

He also seems to give his location again later in the call when he states:

“… and she was in pretty close to where some trees come out on the end of the sand, or the, where the beach where the trees run out here, and she was just off to the right of that…”

One fact that cannot be reconciled is the timing of Walthall’s phone call to Indiana State Police.

The first thing Walthall states in his 911 call to KSP is: “I just called the Indiana State Police.” This was approximately 12:00 noon, central time.

According to the following FBI document, Walthall did not make contact with Indiana State Police until over one hour later, at 1:15 P.M. central time.

Even more notable about this call to Indiana State Police is the fact he did not call 911, but direct-dialed the state police and spoke to a specific sergeant.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know which 911 call the Teagues heard, if any, was truly legit.

A possibility that must be considered: could Walthall be one of the good guys and his hands are tied in being able to tell the whole story?

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  1. I have always found it strange that the dispatcher says to the officer in the area, “I have another complaint,” on Newburgh Beach. It’s at about 5:50 in the clip above. How many complaints from the area that day? What were they? Has that ever come up?

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