SHOCK: FBI altered gun evidence in report about Marty Dill’s alleged suicide

As suspicion mounts toward law enforcement’s role in the disappearance of Heather Teague, a shocking discovery raises new questions about the integrity of the FBI’s handling of the case.

On August 30, Detective Robin Atherton of the Kentucky State Police asks for and receives a judge’s permission to execute a search warrant on the Dill family property located on John Steele Road in Robards, KY:

RG 66 gun, driver license, suicide note, hemostats, 35 mm photo, holster, one spent .22 casing, six unspent .22 rounds

Compare the above evidence list with the FBI report written mere hours after the search warrant was executed:

Why did the FBI change the number of unspent rounds found by KSP during the execution of the search of Marty’s trailer? Who was the FBI agent who wrote this report?

The gun recovered from the scene of the Marty Dill suicide was a Rohm RG Model 66 single action revolver.

This particular gun holds 6 rounds of .22 caliber bullets. The same amount of unspent rounds listed in the original KSP report.

There is no way to chamber a seventh bullet.

Yet a seventh, spent casing was found.

Were those six unspent bullets in that Rohm revolver? Did the FBI agent writing the report realize a dead man could not have possibly reloaded his revolver to capacity if he was, you know, dead? Instead of actively investigating this strange scenario, did the agent cover it up by changing the number of unspent rounds to “three” so this very question wouldn’t pop up later? Maybe 25 years later?

Marty Dill was not alone in that trailer when his death occurred.

We’ve talked about the character of Ernie Green before. Previous accusations of a brutal assault against a minor. A sexual discrimination suit that led to Green’s retirement from the force in 1984. Then there are these FBI interviews from 2005 where unknown sources discuss their skepticism that Marty Dill committed suicide because Ernie Green was with him at the time:

The agent, JLG, is Jerry L. Garner. Remember he assured Sarah there was no public corruption involved with the case?

“Source strongly doubts that Marty Dill, a Teague case suspect, committed suicide since ‘Green’ was with him at the time of his death.

“(Source) has always been troubled by the fact that ‘Green’ was with Marty Dill at the time Dill allegedly committed suicide,” also noting Green’s bad reputation and extremely violent personality.

Was Ernie Green tested for gun shot residue after the alleged suicide of Marty Dill? Why not?

Everyone knew in advance Marty would be dead of suicide.

The following interview was with someone very close to Marty. It was conducted hours before Marty would end up dead of a single gunshot wound to the head.

This person does not go to police with concerns about Marty’s suicide threats. They wait for KSP and the FBI to come to them.

Tracy tells this person she questioned her husband, Marty Dill, about being at Newburgh Beach the day Heather disappeared and Dill told her to “Get out of here. The less you know the better.” The interviewee goes on to tell the FBI agents, it was his “gut opinion, ‘he’s up to his ass, the girl is gone, and I strongly feel he will kill himself.‘” Hours later, this prediction would prove to be dead on.

The above newspaper article states:

But the strongest indications that Dill had been involved in Teague’s disappearance were the suicide threats he made to his wife Tracy. The KSP post received a number of telephone calls, some of them anonymous, relating what Tracy Dill had told them of Dill’s suicide threats.

…one anonymous caller said, “Tracy Dill advised him that her husband Marvin made her leave their home on John Steele Road and that he told her that the less she knew the better, and that he did not want her involved in anything, and that when the cops came he would kill himself.

“The less she knew, the better.” There’ s that phrase again. Tracy, running around, telling everybody “the less she knew the better” and “my husband is going to kill himself.” Does she tell the cops of her concerns? Well, eventually…after they tell the above interviewee they want to talk to her, first.

The FBI report from the August 31, 1995 interview states:

(Tracy) had last been at her residence and observed Marty Dill for approximately 5 minutes at 5:30 p.m.the evening of August 30, 1995, when she went to get her hair dryer and some clothes.

Interestingly, this statement contradicts Detective Atherton’s search warrant which indicates an anonymous tip was received around 8:00 p.m. on August 30 indicating Dill matched the suspect description and had a red and white Bronco:

After the…call he went to 8663 John Steele Road, to the Dill trailer and spoke to his wife (Tracy). He advised that (Tracy) confirmed that husband Dill was driving a red and white Bronco and it did have a luggage rack on it…

At any rate, Tracy knew from the evening of August 30, 1995 forward that her husband had plans to kill himself. She made sure to tell a lot of people. But only after the FBI requested to talk to her, did she tell law enforcement of Marty’s suicidal threats. This was a full 24 hours later, and only after she sought counsel, which is where I believe the FBI interview was held.

I see people who were supposed to love and care for Marty, predict his inevitable, impending suicide with accuracy. People who did not seek help for him. So what were they doing the day before the suicide, if they were not going to get help for Marty? Directing a narrative in order to protect themselves?

In my opinion, none of Tracy’s actions are those of a woman distraught by the possible and later, actual (alleged) suicide of her husband. To me, Tracy’s actions show a woman with something to hide, a woman who went about actively creating a narrative that distanced herself from Heather Teague’s disappearance while at the same time firmly casting all suspicion onto her now dead husband.

Deaths likely associated with the Heather Teague case:

Chucky Collins, uncle of Dana Hallmark, was beaten to death in the back seat of a Kentucky State Police cruiser. Dana Hallmark was a close friend of Heather Teague. She was said to have closely resembled Heather. Someone who didn’t know Heather well might even mistake Dana for Heather.

Alleged suicide of the neighbor of Chucky Collins who knew about the existence of a porn tape depicting prominent individuals in western Kentucky (this gentleman deserves a name- can anyone help?)

Danny Griffin- killed in an alleged accidental mine explosion


  1. So which is it? Kentucky coal, corrupt cops, or Marvin Dill’s wife? You are all over the place and sound a little crazy. Is Sarah making you nuts or are you trying to torment Sarah? Maybe you should get a day job to fill your time. And why will you not identify yourself?

  2. I’m sorry but I have followed this case and those commenting should do research themselves before attacking someone for seeking answers. If my child goes missing and I think for a second things don’t add up, you better bet your ass I’d do everything in my power to find the one small piece to help solve her disappearance. Officers don’t typically make mistakes on paper work. Every detail matters. I pray the answers are found.

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